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​​​Ashley Anderton

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Speaking to women about the Word of God makes my heart jump for joy! I get giddy thinking about God's truth and being able to bring it to women in churches and groups. God's Word is ALIVE and POWERFUL! There is no other advice or truth I can bring to women that can change hearts and minds like the power of scripture. I am passionate about helping women move from reading the Word of God to loving the God of the Word. 


Writing is how I get to the heart of each message God places on my heart to teach women. I journal to write my thoughts in response to studying the Bible. I tend to always have a pen and notebook in my hand and usually a paintbrush in the other. You can read my blog here to see what is swirling around in my mind as I grow in my faith. To read a few articles I have written in the past, click on the following links below:




My mother says when I was born the music minister of my home church came to visit me in the hospital. Apparently when I yawned, my mouth open so wide the minister said with enthusiasm, "Ashley is going to be a singer one day because of that mouth!" And he was right! I have sung in church ever since I can remember. God gave me a LOVE for His word through song. I grew up singing old church hymns and have since combined them with the new songs of today. I love the old and the new. Being able to lead women on the piano to worship God is a treasure to me. I consider it a privilege whenever I am invited to lead worship for women's events/retreats.


When I am not singing, writing or speaking, art is what I do in my spare time. I have loved holding a paintbrush in my hand since childhood. If you were to walk into my home, you would most likely see a paintbrush somewhere lying around or being used (probably not in my studio where it should be!) As I have grown in my faith in Jesus Christ and in my love for art, combining the two has become a way God uses them together to bless people wherever I go.