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Doodle The Word   

Biblical Art on Canvas

Bible Journaling is way I use art with my quiet time I spend with God. Using a pen, markers, and other art supplies I am able to slow my self down and illustrate one scripture at a time. Bible Journaling has become another way I open my bible to study and stay creative.

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​​​Ashley Anderton

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​Ten years ago, my pastor taught a sermon series on the attributes of God for an entire year. His teachings on the character of God changed the direction of my art. During that year, I began painting the Bible. 

Bible Journaling

Hooray for Doodles!

They were my favorite art to do on my the side of my paper in school! But now I doodle the Word on notecards which makes it easy to memorize scripture. Be watching the blog, as I post new doodles to memorize. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

- How do you spell your last name? 

              A   N   D   E   R   t o   n

I know. No S. When I met my husband, I thought it was Anderson too! 

-How did you get into Art?

My mother was determined to give me opportunities as a child to explore my talents. She didn't sing or paint, but I did. She was determined to find teachers to help me learn the art of painting and singing and playing the piano. My teachers made 

-How did You Learn to Play and Sing at the Same Time?

I had an amazing piano teacher who inspired me to keep playing when I wanted to quit during middle school. She made me play hymns for my church congregation to sing along with (which frightened me at the time) but was exactly what I needed to grow in confidence at the piano. A mom who kept paying the bill, and the Lord who continues using me despite my weaknesses and flaws. 

- What do you do? 

I am a speaker, singer, writer and artist. I use the talents God gifted me to edify and encourage women to love God and His Word. This is my passion. 

If you need me to speak, I teach God's Word.

If you need me to lead women in worship, I lead worship on the piano using old hymns and praise songs of today.

If you are looking for a breakout session leader, I can lead a bible journaling or scripture art class using watercolor and ink or other art techniques. 

​I use whatever I have been given to do whatever is needed wherever God sends me. 



​​Helping Women Love the Word of God

so They can Live the Word of God​.

 I haven't always loved God's Word like I love it now.

Having grown up in a christian family, I was at church every time the doors opened. I loved God. I loved church. I loved learning about Jesus and singing in choir. I was baptized in third grade after I accepted Jesus' call to my heart as LORD and Savior. BUT, it wasn't until after I graduated college and had become a young professional, that God opened my eyes and revealed to me (while at a women's conference studying my Bible!), that I didn't really KNOW His word. I didn't really LOVE His word. I found studying scripture daunting. And because I felt that way, I welcomed sermons and devotions as the substitute for reading my bible. 

And so my journey to study and love Gods word began the day I returned home from THAT women's conference. Every night after work and dinner, I did the one thing that deepened my relationship with God unlike any other-I opened my bible and began studying it myself. I quit waiting to hear truth only from others. With the help of God's Holy Spirit, prayer, time, and lots of study (which continues even now,) I am not the person I was before. And that is why I am passionate about helping women love God's word.

When you love God's word, you love God more. When you love God more, you live more for Him. When you love God's word more, you want to share God's message of love to a sinful world who needs hope. And it all begins when we get ourselves out of the way and give ourself and our time to the study of the word.